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Chemical admixtures increase the life of construction. We have Concrete Admixtures|Cement Admixtures|Accelerating admixtures|Air Entraining Admixtures|Super plasticizing admixtures for construction.
Did you required SBR Waterproof Bonding Agent OR SBR Waterproofing Chemicals For Construction Perma Bond SBR:- Bond SBR for Waterproofing It is a hydrated solution that is resistant to corrosion. Perm
We are manufacturer of Tile Bonder for Tile Fixing . Perma Tile Mix Bonder is a Powder based Cementitious It is Tile Bonder mix additive to be mixed with cement for fixing of tiles. If you required Ti
Image result for fibre mesh for concrete We are leading supplier of Reinforcement Fiber Mesh & fibre mesh for concrete solution. Concrete Fiber Mesh used for plastering. All products are available on
Concrete Curing Agent Or Curing Compound Chemical help to prevent shrinkage cracking. Concrete Curing Compound used white pigmented wax based emulsion for retaining water in concrete. Curing Compound
CONCRETE CURING COMPOUND used white pigmented wax based emulsion for retaining water in concrete. CURING COMPOUND LIQUID is a liquid added as a surface coating on freshly installed concrete WAX BASED

About Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd

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The manufacturing facility is located at Sarigam in Gujarat- G.I.D.C. with a total manufacturing area close to 60,000/- square feet divided between two factories.

Our Mission

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Our Network

The entire marketing network of PERMA is supported through Channel Partners like Stockist & Distributors located on a Pan-India basis for effective distribution and availability of products locally.

Research & Development

The research and Development of Perma is headed by highly competent engineers with experience of over 25 years in formulating construction chemical products.

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